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Break Out the Neon Body Suit – Here’s the Audi A8 e-tron

Audi previously confirmed the electric versions of the A3 and R8. These plug-in hybrids, with the “e-tron” designation, will soon add another sibling to the mix: the company’s flagship sedan, the A8. As far as we’re concerned, all Audi needs now is Jeff Bridges adorned in a neon-lit body suit for the imminent deluge of […]

Audi Has Quattro. Try a Turbocharger?

Though not all consumers want greater power under the hood, gearheads exist for every brand. Their appetite for an extra boost compel automakers to offer turbochargers and other features that crank up the horsepower or torque. After-market companies also manufacture parts and accessories to supplement stock power and acceleration. One of the most popular methods […]

Audi Tests Traffic Jam Pilot in Florida

When one thinks of America’s hotbed of technology, Silicon Valley in California is the obvious choice. Companies have, for years, developed and refined various systems and components in this little corner of the world. Google even began testing automated vehicles along its roads and highways, but it’s not the only spot in the American landscape […]

25 Years of Audi TDI Success

Audi. 1989. History. The Frankfurt Auto Show became home to one of the most significant and enduring announcements in automotive history. Audi introduced its TDI technology for the first time, displaying it in an Audi 100 sedan. This technology, TDI, is an electronically-controlled engine with turbocharger and direct-injection technologies. Even after 25 years, it continues […]

The 2014 ESPY Awards Are on Tonight!

If you’re a sports fan, there might be a current lull in your life with the World Cup now completed and Major League Baseball in the midst of its annual All-Star break. There is no American football to watch or hockey on the ice – even the Ultimate Fighting Championship will not host another major […]

The Gorgeous Audi R8 Notes Make Balotelli Sing

The 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament concluded yesterday with an intense 1-0 victory as Germany won its fourth soccer championship. This 2014 win, however, was the first for a reunified German team; victories of years past are technically attributed to West Germany. Its previous World Cup Trophy wins include the following years: 1954 – defeated […]

Audi Cleaning House One 24 Hours after Another

We celebrated Audi’s thirteenth consecutive win at 24 Hours of Le Mans. The R-18 E-Tron performed exceptionally well, which should come as no surprise, and our brand actually took both first and second place finishes. Our German siblings were, well, not so lucky. There is other good news to report about success on the race […]

2014 Raleigh’s Independence Day Schedule of Revelry

We thought it prudent to take a break from posting news about the automotive industry for a review of Raleigh’s Independence Day revelry. 2014 marks the second year for The Works, the city’s full day of events to celebrate the Fourth of July – and supplanted the Raleigh Wide Open event that ended in 2010. There […]

The Story of Andy Green and the Bloodhound SSC

One of the most commendable – and sometimes destructive – qualities of human beings is ambition. We all have a natural inclination toward a subject or idea or industry; it compels us to employ imagination, work harder, and take risks so that we may reach current goals and set new ones. Andy Green has a […]

Audi Shines at 24 Hours of Le Mans for the 13th Time

We posted a video on our social media accounts to highlight Audi officially welcoming back Porsche to 24 Hours of Le Mans. The digitally enhanced – in good fun – tease showcased on R18 E-Tron scorching a friendly message into Porsche headquarter’s parking lot. This competition between the two sibling companies has historical significance: Porsche […]