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Test Driving the 2015 Audi S3 and Finding the Best Doughnut in Raleigh

  Warning: This article includes evocative and methodical descriptions of freshly-fried donuts and where to find them. If you or a loved one are on a diet, consult with a trusted source before reading. Call someone before eating. Reader discretion is advised. One of mankind’s greatest inventions is the donut. Round, sweet, indulgent, comforting: a […]

Top 6 Driving Apps and Audi Gifts For 2014 Winter Holidays

We have no doubt that you are beyond saturated with gift recommendations by now. When we walked into a store this year before Halloween and noticed red-and-green holiday items on the shelf, we knew it had already begun. However, there are plenty of us who like to take our time when choosing our gifts. In […]

Audi Promises Diesel PHEV Q7 Appearance In January 2015

In Audi’s campaign to show that it has more news offerings in its basket than the North Pole has candy canes, master of revelry and this year’s holiday party organizer Ulrich Hackenberg said that Audi will reveal a company-first diesel plug-in hybrid electric Q7 in January at the Detroit Auto Show. [Note: Hackenberg is also […]

Audi Cary Raises $18,000 For Breast Cancer Awareness

Another fund drive done! Audi Cary teamed up with Leith Porsche in October to raise money for breast cancer awareness. To give extra pay-off for trying one of our excellent vehicles, both dealerships donated $10 for every service visit and $25 for every test drive during the month. These sums ended up totaling more than $18,000, […]

Audi Hints At Plans For Electric and Ur-quattro Models

As we get into the final month of 2014, we wanted to wrap up Audi’s news from the L.A. Auto Show. Two stories in particular deserve attention: one for how it looks to the past, and the other for how it looks to the future. First up is new head designer Marc Lichte’s statement that […]

Best Thanksgiving Dinners in Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill

As one of the busiest holidays of the year, Thanksgiving can be pretty packed. Visiting with loved ones, shopping, napping, and all the wonderful hobbies we enjoy can take up the entire day. One way to make your time simpler is to sample a local restaurant for your Thanksgiving dinner. You can skip the dishwashing, […]

How Does Santa’s Sleigh Compare With Audi’s Q5 SUV?

If you think about it, Santa should be given more credit. He threads chimneys, braves storms, finds remote houses, logs a million flier miles, and delivers more joy in less time than anyone has ever found a way of topping. And all with a significant number of people claiming he doesn’t exist! Incredible. You’d need […]

Audi’s Touchscreen-Crazy prologue Concept Clears Stage

Holy mackerel. Now we know why Tony Stark phoned in such a lame performance for Iron Man 3; he was busy working on the Audi prologue. The prologue is actually the first concept from Audi’s new chief of design, Marc Lichte. We could very well see this, however, as a product from a fictional MIT […]

Window For Audi Tax Break To Close by End of 2014

Note: This article does not constitute tax advice. Tax law is subject to change. Talk to your tax advisor for full details. If you are a small business owner and drive a lot for your business, a specific tax exemption could save you money. IRS Section 179 includes a vehicle depreciation write-off for 2014. It […]

Audi Poised To Unveil First Vehicle From New Design Chief

Ah, Audi, you lovable bunch of emotion-shunning people, you. In a recent interview, Audi’s chief of design, Marc Lichte, was talking about the themes for a new concept car Audi is about to unveil at the Los Angeles Motor Show this month. His eyes casting about the room for a linguistic toe-hold, Lichte sprang for […]