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Ways to Make Earth Day a 365-Day Effort

Oh, Earth Day. The single day of the year that people around the globe pledge to accomplish something positive for the planet on which we live. It wields influence. Politicians seeking greater support will clamor for more stringent emissions standards, and the President will likely fulfill a standard his predecessor’s set by planting a tree […]

Don’t Miss Leith Automotive’s Career Night

On Thursday, April 24th, 2014, you can begin a career with Leith Automotive. That’s right – a career. Many of our dealerships, representing 28 of the finest car manufacturers, seek experienced service technicians who desire more than just a job. You’ll enjoy a full range of benefits offered for full-time employees, and, more importantly, a […]

Audi TT’s Virtual Cockpit Is Wicked Awesome

The automotive world will soon fall victim to envy thanks to the upcoming third-generation Audi TT. Not only will it boast the same flared wheel-arches, intimidating grille, and athletic beltline seen on the second iteration, it also now houses a virtual cockpit. This single display establishes the same sporty aesthetic on the interior that we’ve […]

Pollen Protection Tips from Your Friends at Audi

Though the wintry weather finally transitioned to mild breezes and sunshine, another nuisance arises to succeed dastardly road salts: pollen. This problematic consequence of springtime triggers more damage than most likely expect. The microbes of pollen are not only viscous and barbed, they are also acidic. These properties can ruin a vehicle’s paint, as well […]

Audi Cary Successfully Launches the A3 in North Hills

At this moment, an all-new Audi A3 is ensconced among its kin at Audi Cary. Poised to rouse consumers with its prowess and debonair style, this entry-level luxury sedan enjoyed a successful launch at the North Hills Commons this past Thursday, April 3rd. Dozens of people, some who were fortunate passersby, met with our brand […]

Tips to Acquire a Date for the A3 Launch Event

In case you managed to forget about your evening plans on Thursday, we thought a blog post might serve as a prudent reminder for the Audi A3 launch event at the North Hills Commons. There is still plenty of time to find your “Plus One,” so allow us to offer a few judicious strategies for […]

All-New 2015 Audi A3 Earns IIHS Top Safety Rating

At Audi Cary, we’ve spent a lot of time lately talking about the all-new 2015 Audi A3. Who can blame us? It is a brilliantly designed car that hosts a bevy of state-of-the-art technologies packaged in the luxury you expect from the finest automaker. This fantastically built machine is the result of an uncompromised commitment […]

Audi R8 E-Tron Is an Electric Car Phenomenon

Following years of speculation – and hope – Audi’s project known as the R8 e-tron, of Iron Man 3 fame, will finally reach limited production. Yes, this all-electric vehicle will take the leap from the movie screen into manufacturing to make the Porsche and McLaren’s supercar hybrids antiquated. At its annual press conference, Audi announced […]

The Audi A3: True Entry-Level Luxury

We’ve provided a lot of coverage for the Audi A3, the German automaker’s first entry-level luxury sedan. It enters an extremely competitive market that includes other prominent brands that offer more diminutive models below $30,000. There is one stark contrast between Audi and it competitors: Audi promises uncompromised engineering and design. While other car manufacturers […]

Audi Is Armed with the A3 and Aims to Crush Competitors

The entry-level luxury market may be the most competitive among all classes. Each brand has placed particular emphasis on offering the features and options of their line in a smaller package, targeting a younger consumer in the hopes of establishing life-long loyalty. Audi, which professes “truth in engineering,” believes its newest model can make it […]